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Presidential candidates - Laima Andrikienė

In various speeches, comments, reports can be a view that Laima Andrikienė is determined, and would like to participate in the Ministry of Presidential elections.

But it is a responsible citizen wants to get the TS-LKD party opinion (decision). But if the party decides to support another candidate for President of the Republic of Lithuania, Laima Andrikienė nenuleis hands and ask people's opinion. Try to collect 20,000 signatures.

And only then finally apsipręs, to apply to the President of the Republic of Lithuania.
As it is said, "Those who know me well, knows that before taking any decision, making a statement that is always good thoughts, speak not idly, not speak about what neišmanau - more sneaky. Elgiausi as always , as elgsiuosi in the future. "

Questioned: "What Propose Lithuanian people, however, if you choose to participate in the presidential election?
She replied:
If you expect to begin today to teach in their electoral program, it is not. But my main idea is very simple, understandable to all - and scientists, and housewives, and the urban, and rural people: I want to live in Lithuania as one big family. After all, every family have a strong workforce and the people who just Do not disturb, slightly Support, advice - and they have mountains nuvers ....."

Lies pasižaboti patience and gain self-determination.


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