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For part of D. grybauskaite participation in the presidential election!

of fresh air in politics

Lithuania lack of air: we see more and more parsidavusių politicians who do not serve us, the citizens, but the oligarch and their money.

You do not want to be lies, and bribes are based on the political system hostage. Pravėdinkime homes and įsileiskime fresh air - we need a clean, bold, wise and correct choices, which can only be a leader from outside the system. Independent, strong, capable and policy, and economic issues and is ready to take care of their particular country's citizens, and not the image or Oligarchy profits.

Such as Dalia Grybauskaite - a leader, you can rely on.
Gerb. Dalia, we invite you to talk - open the windows at the same time - please be our citizens of Lithuania, the leader and take part in presidential elections !!!


This site is invited to sign the call to participate in the presidential election. Signed by over 200 votes. What is it? Encouraging participation in presidential elections or underhand way to begin to collect 20,000 voters' signatures did not have the official willingness to participate in the elections!
can be assumed that the D. Grybauskaite decided, and began collecting signatures to the sponsors.

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