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Candidate Lithuanian Republic President software provisions

Finally, and I can say žody good Grybauskaité the election headquarters.
The long-awaited Grybauskaité election to the presidency of the Republic of Lithuania software provisions.

Here's what to declare the candidate:

Entering the second millennium of its history of Lithuania is undergoing a crucial period. - The turning point, which still have the opportunity to own - and the self-consciously - to choose their own destiny.
Painful, but must acknowledge: today we are down on the road, surrounded by shadows, predominantly double-faced morality, immoral policy, distorted the economy. - The disastrous path that leads to the spiritual and economic poverty.
I ask to choose the other direction - the hope, honesty, justice, prosperity. Publicly committed themselves to transparency in all public areas of life. - The provision of essential and necessary condition for a išguitume hypocrisy, išvaduotume policy of oligarchinių groups affected, atkurtume social and economic justice.
Our goal - Ori, a safe, reputable and generous citizens of society.
My proposed route - transparency and truth.

Citizens of Lithuania - Lithuanian citizens

Create a civil Lithuania - a transparent state in which people have confidence in the self and have confidence in their own country. Establish a true democracy, which the state would decide the fate of voting citizens, not the money oligarchinių groups.

• citizen - the owner of a full state. It maintains and controls the power, power - and a report to him.
• Public interest - the only state institutions Pathfinder and the measure of all decisions.
• absolute transparency of state institutions - a prerequisite for effective control of power. Government transparency and openness of the decision - the firewall oligarchiniams transactions and korupcinėms diagrams, repulse their players and the syndrome of impunity - the only way to ensure citizens' right to know, evaluate and decide.
• Lustration process - the road finally pull away from the past shadows. This is the only way to dispel mistrust and suspicion atmosphere, restoring trust in public, public authorities and fellow citizens.

Secure - free from violence and free from fear

Create a state in which tvyrantį uncertainty, anxiety and fear replace the feeling of security and trust. Live in their own country without fear, pride and dignity - the undisputed right.

• Security - the first duty of the citizen.
• full life - full security: physical, spiritual, economic, social, ecological.
• The state and the security of the citizens to authorities - highest standards of openness and transparency. Jose serving officers - the highest moral and professional requirements.
• State and the security-conscious citizens of the structure must be depoliticised. Their officials - to protect against undue interference by politicians and groups oligarchinių affect their activities.

One country - one of justice - equal to all and each

To take immediate action and achieve real change, in order to restore people's confidence in the courts, law enforcement structures, and operational services. A strong state as long as people believe in its justice.

• Public interest - the only statutory guideline developers. No law can not be raised above the public interest group welfare. If this happens - the authors and customers must be identified and clarified. Their responsibility - is inevitable.
• Act - the only act or omission of the assessment measure. It must be applied equally to all. Declaratory of all citizens equality before the law must become a reality, which is not no exception.
• Transparency, transparency, openness - a cornerstone to help upgrade the law enforcement system, to restore citizens' faith in justice.

State economic objective - the people's welfare

Economic crisis - challenge and opportunity. We need to mobilize the experience and wisdom, and - steel major economic restructuring. Sunkmečio is the only way to face the challenges and lay the foundations for sustainable economic development.

• Member of economic activity - the general public interest, citizens' well-being and economic security. None of economic decisions can not be validated, if not proven the benefit of the people and the state.
• transparency in economic decision - the only way to restore the correct economic relations. Only publicity prevented korupcinius transactions, protect the honest business and consumers oligarchinių from derivatives diktat.
• An demonopolization - the path to a civilized economic relations. Fair competition - riposte grobuoniškam monopolist greed and usury.
• The energy strategy review and restructuring of the system - a step in the energy, economic, and political independence of the establishment. - The repulse of users both in arbitrary monopolies.
• An upgrading of new technology - a reliable investment in the country's economic progress and competitiveness.
• Public Finance Management requirements - stability, discipline, control, responsibility. Each state has to be the litas invested in such a way that would bring maximum benefits to the country. For every published litas to be settled. The responsibility for the inadvertent use of the funds - is inevitable.

Social solidarity - unity and strength of the people

Social justice and solidarity - the public morality and wisdom of a measure of its strength in the cornerstone. We must uphold the values - the people of the guarantor of survival.

• cohesive society - without atstumtųjų. Social exclusion - the embarrassing public failure. State goal - to ensure social security for all.
• Darbingiems - opportunity to earn money. Favorable conditions for job creation - the top priority. People have a right to safe, fairly paid work and welfare of their country.
• unable to work and honest work užsitarnavusiems rest - for support. It must be focused and targeted - pasiekianti those who most need it.
• Reliable health care - the heart of social solidarity. The maximum value of the public - the man, the higher the human assets - health. Therefore, even under conditions sunkmečio effective assistance of illness must be guaranteed for everyone.
• Access to quality education - the public sign of solidarity. Neither the material situation, or health problems should not become an obstacle. Everyone has the right to learn. State obligation to teach all.
• cohesive society - the responsible care of future generations. Educational access and quality - the engine of progress. Environmental protection - the future citizens.

Foreign Policy - a reflection of national goals and the tools to achieve them

The main foreign policy priority of state - the Lithuanian national interest representation. Minimum shift - Restoring the balance.

• The correct foreign policy - the continuation of internal policy, the public interest in international space projection. The diplomatic energy to be concentrated in the coherent representation of the national objectives of the international organizations and the world.
• Self-Esteem, the rational use of constructive activity, and respect - a cornerstone of foreign policy foundation corners.
• The geographical and political balance - a mandatory requirement for foreign policy, based on the modern democratic values. To achieve leadership in the East, we must become more active, efficient and professionally the West. We need to find reliable allies in the EU, where important decisions are made in Lithuania.

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