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D. Grybauskaitė

Does anyone still believe that it will refuse to raise their own candidacy?

For nearly a year ago mirgėjo the title: "Presidential elections: Grybauskaite against Adamkus?", "Her only need to determine", etc. In order Grybauskaite begin the trek towards the post of president, in principle, should be very small - only for its own self-determination (Source:

Nowhere do I see the Article has lost a little negatively depicting D. Grybauskaite. Everywhere, from the positive side.
Is is it no surprise?
Why is it so loves žinesklaida?
Did she really the only real contenders?
Is it not that - the publication of the public about its determination to many nebereiktu turn her head on his nomination! And vote as indicative only symbolic gesture of citizenship?

But still it seems to attack Change (speculation, rumor): Quote "Recently, one member of the Seimas, said even receive alerts from the three priest, that his party nedrįstų to support the presidential elections of October Her. This is purely a political requirement, although LKB is not a political body, and the Church separate from the state. How should we understand this? As a trick? "End of quotation. (Source:

This is what supports istikruju D. Grybauskaite ?
Or maybe the question is framed wrong: indeed, all hopes to bring to your side? Is it really nepartinė?
For On the voter's choices, even for any: D. Grybauskaite VS V. Adamkus, D. Grybauskaite GG A. Valinskas etc.
I have a presidential or the women did not do?

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