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Grybauskaité election headquarters

Presidential elections in the Grybauskaité election headquarters of the work began March 12.

Staff headed nepartinis lawyer Vitas Vasiliauskas, since 12 March election period sustabdysiantis My law firm "Lideika, Petrauskas, Valiunas and partners LAWIN."

V. Vasiliausko Deputy Electoral staff will Jovita Pranevičiūtė, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Third Secretary of the week in the middle as well as hinder their activities in the diplomatic service.

Treasurer duties go Jolanta Žutautienė, until now worked Grybauskaité Assistant to the European Commission.

Staff also assisted by Lithuanian youth organizations in the Council Office spokeswoman Geya Bartusevičiūtė, koordinuosianti candidate D. Her meetings with the public, and "The Agency Motif Guide Liudas Zakarevičius, prižiūrėsiantis website.

Eva Baubinaitė, the weekly "rebirth" of the journalist, staff will be responsible for the voluntary coordination of activities.

D. Her election headquarters located in rented premises in Vilnius, Pamėnkalnio 25-8.