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What is the most important political event this year? No doubt the Lithuanian presidential election!
Presidential elections provide for the May 17 th.

And how long we will have to wait for a list of candidates?

According to the electoral law, wishing to be candidates may begin to provide the documents from the February 26 date. Last Day of March 13 - th.

Until March 13, the day the candidates have to submit VRK (High Election Commission) at least 20,000 signatures supporting the Lithuanian population of its candidate in elections.
2009 04 17 February no less important date, the President of the Republic of Lithuania Election campaigns start of the campaign.

Gerb. Voter provide rhetorical question: Is it too much hope is placed in the Lithuanian presidential election?

Do you remember - LITHUANIA - Parliamentary or Presidential Member?

What can we expect from the new President of the Republic of Lithuania?

Is the performance of his duties the President may represent a political force?

And maybe the President's mission to maintain good relations with the cabinet ministers, opposition and the parliament?

Without losing sight of the foreign policy - and perhaps the secondary duties?

We hope here you can find voter answers to many questions, here the free and unrestricted, you can maintain your kandydatą, say NO, share the view that the comments generated vent feelings and so on.

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