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Minister of Presidential elections - SIGNATURE COLLECTION - Advertising. Activism.

Candidates expressed their willingness to become President of the Republic of Lithuania and presented the necessary documents Chief Election Commission, after inspection, or comply with the requirements receive special collection of signatures sheets.

Thus began the presidential election campaign the company, you will hear a series of campaigns, advertising, and without neapseisime Uncommercial!

Voters nix!

Because you try to nuteigti, informed, "bribe" to mislead, and to illuminate every other tuck one side or the other candidate. Already, a number of advertising, and information about the Ministry of Presidential hopeful, and a number of sources, deliberately or unconsciously submit to dizinformaciją, or simply to mislead voters, and who will be the electoral advances the company?

As may be unintentionally misled voters and you can find on this page that is LR PRESIDENT for part of her participation in the presidential election! "

Online rant:

"Campaign for part of her participation in the presidential election
"collect signatures, encouraging Grybauskaite to participate in the presidential election
"Grybauskaite even online supporters so far very little"

The full Internet articles can be nominal and nominal.

And what is wrong here?

Well if I'm being honest citizen signed on this website is to sign on as an official form, and can not, because I think that your signature is already given!

Įsiskaitykite, because it says that the sign at the Ministry for the participation in presidential elections, rather than a call to raise Grybauskaité his candidacy.

Rementis "Constitution of the Republic of LITHUANIA"

According to the President of the Republic of Lithuania Law on the collection of signatures are collected only on a special form, issued by Chief Election Commission, having verified whether the applicant meets the requirements.

Under the law the collection of signatures must be provided:

Article 37. Collection of voters' signatures
1. Article 79 of the Constitution set no less than 20 thousand voters' signatures collected in the collection of signatures of electors sheet, which contains this text:
"I, a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania (national), certify that the support
_________________________________________________________________________ (Name of the person)
________m to participate in the statement. ________________ _____d. candidate in elections to the President of the Republic.

Nr. The person's name, the name of the nationality of the Republic of Lithuania shall be Series, Issue Date of Birth Domicile Signed and dated "

But asked to bring this website the following data:

Last name
E-mail. Mail

Only one question remains, why is such a eskalojama this topic? Is this helpful?
It is also interesting whether the page actually founded Grybauskaité sponsors, and perhaps it is a way of illegal means to collect personal data, then the sale of black market?

Be vigilant Grybauskaité supporters.

applicant to the April 2 must return to the High Electoral Commission of the collection of signatures sheets.

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