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NFC Technology for the Events in Southeast Asia

Near Field Communication (henceforth, NFC) is a technology proposed by PouchNation, a company which has a speciality in providing a sophisticated system for event management. The NFC technology has been utilized by many event organizers in at least seven different countries to help them with managing the events in Southeast Asia. You can find the PouchNation offices in Jakarta, Singapore, and Manila.
PouchNation is actually a sophisticated system that can help you control the event you are going to hold, so that the event will become more interesting, comfortable and easier to join. One of the biggest event supported by this company is TAFISA games which were held in Jakarta in 2016. The sport event management PouchNation CEO explained that PouchNation helped to manage TAFISA games by providing automatic accreditation and registration of the guests. It also helped to manage the guests entering the venue and providing various accommodation for them. Managing such a big event is not a simple task to do, if it is not supported by a reliable technology. There were more than a hundred countries and twelve hundred participants joining the TAFISA game. Therefore, the utilization of NFC bands was so much needed that time.
The use of the newest technology in the accreditation card like NFC bracelet will significantly increase the safety system, realizing that each bracelet owner should register themselves to avoid the bracelets to be claimed by others.