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Laima Andrikienė refused to increase wages

Laima Andrikienė rejected any salary increase, asking for the account of its term of office until the end of each month to transfer the same amount of salary, which benefited from the family until 2009 beginning, namely the to wage increases - 3984.67 Litas. "Throughout the remainder of 2009, January, I posted part of the salary - more than 4 thousand. LTL - Lithuania request a transfer of political prisoners and exiles union Siauliu department. Request, to whom and what amounts to transfer in 2009 February, March and other months before the end of its term of office, send later, when the Republic of Lithuania, with the Minister of Constitutional Court's interpretation of family members of the salaries, decide on the matter, and some will be clear in what amounts to dispose of the said months. ", - reads L . Andrikienė statement, the Office of the Seimas.

From February to terminate the remaining months europarlamentaramas as other ordinary members of the family will be in 9215 LTL wage (before tax). Unlike the policy of working in Vilnius, Lithuania representatives sitting in Brussels do not kanceliarinėms cost of close to 4 thousand. LTL).


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